Unfortunately, for many years now, youth who have reached the age of 18 have not gotten the same opportunities as younger children with loving parents. Their connections were often lost, and their hope for a brighter future went unlit. Sadly, the year they age out is the year when they find themselves alone-no financial support, nowhere to go and no winning chances for them to succeed in life-may end up homeless or incarcerated.

California is among the first states to extend foster care services under federal law that provides help to foster youth after 18. The California Fostering Connection to Success ACT (AB12) took effect January 1, 2012, giving foster youth the choice to stay connected to foster care services through age 20.

Nuevo Amanecer Latino Children’s Services (NALCS) has developed a program for the placement of eligible Non-Minor Dependents (NMD) in order in foster homes in order to be placed with resource parents that will empower youth to make their own decision about their future and give them the tools they need to succeed. Such tool include but are not limited to:

  • Education
  • Career Development
  • Assistance and Referral to Health and Safety
  • Referral to Mentoring
  • Daily Life Skills
  • Financial resources
  • Housing Referral

The ultimate goal is to help foster youth transition into adulthood by empowering them to become self-sufficient as someone who is able to meet one’s basic need for food, shelter, income, and overall functioning.