What are the benefits of being a foster parent?

The chance to help children feel good about themselves

  • Pride in doing a meaningful and important job

  • The ability to give a child a family and a home
  • The opportunity to meet and work with new people

  • A chance to pursue special talents and knowledge

  • The opportunity to make a lifetime of difference in a relatively short period of time



What kind of training and support can I expect to receive as a foster parent?
To become a certified foster parent, applicants will take a (32) hour training. They will also be required to complete (32) hours of continuing education classes each year to maintain their certification status.  Continuing education training is provided by Nuevo Amanecer Latino Children’s Services.

Each foster child is assigned a personal master’s level, and mentors who are available to assist foster parents in providing supportive and positive environments for our children.


What kind of financial assistance is available?
Foster families receive a set reimbursement to help with the expenses incurred while a child is in their home. Children carry medical and dental insurance coverage while in foster care.


How long does the certification process take?
Earning a foster parent certificate typically takes about five months from the initiation of the process.

For more information about Nuevo Amanecer Latino foster care program, please contact us at (888)625-3321.