Children enter foster care for a number of reasons: neglect and/or physical or sexual abuse.  In some circumstances, biological parents are unable to adequately provide for their children.  In other cases, children are deemed to be at considerable risk of harm by staying with their biological parents. The children that enter Nuevo Amanecer Latino Children’s Services almost always come into foster care with a combination of these circumstances.

How is Nuevo Amanecer Latino Different?
Permanency drives foster care at Nuevo Amanecer Latino. Every child deserves a family and a place to call home.

Our goal is to provide a child with lasting connections with a family. Our hope is to return children to their biological families.  If reunion with parents is not possible, we strive to find a foster family who can provide a home while the child remains a part of a foster family. Whatever the case, we strive to keep siblings together in foster care or commit to provide regular visitation with siblings who are not living together.

Return Home:
Children return to the care of their birth parents after the family has successfully completed services and addressed the issues which brought them to the attention of DCFS.

Independence is a goal chosen for youths who will remain in the custody of DCFS until emancipation.  Nuevo Amanecer Latino is responsible to develop plans to prepare these young people to learn skills necessary to function independently as adults please see our mentoring program information.