Nuevo Amanecer Latino Children’s Services (NALCS) has developed a program for the placement of teen parents and their non-dependent child (ren) known as Whole Family Foster Homes (WFFH). The goal is to support and service teen parent family units in order to strengthen them while nurturing safety and independence.

NALCS WFFH program provides young parents with the following services teen parents:

  • Strengthen the young family while nurturing safety and independence
  • Help assist the minor parent in developing the skills necessary to provide a safe, stable and permanent home for his or her child.
  • Attention and support that is individual to each teen parent and their non-dependent child (ren).
  • Support the building of teen parent life and transitional skills while improving independence
  • Working with teen parents on everyday aspects of life, relationships, problems solving, personal responsibility, and skill building.
  • Connecting teen parents to caring adults and critical resources
  • Discuss the extended  foster care program as a viable option

The ultimate goal is to teach young parents responsibility while giving them the opportunity to learn to become great parents and self-sufficient at the same time so that their children may not have to enter the foster care system as well and thus break the cycle.